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Earth’s Magnetic Field Is Weakening Reveal ESA Scientists, Interfering With Satellites

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Scientists at the  European Space Agency (ESA), revealed that the earth’s magnetic field is weakening between Africa and South America.

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While global air travel is yet to commence in full strength as countries open up after Coronavirus lockdown, scientists at the  European Space Agency (ESA), on Saturday, revealed that the earth’s magnetic field is weakening between Africa and South America, as per international reports. This phenomenon gathered by the ESA’s Swarm constellation of satellites has allegedly caused issues for satellites and space crafts. ESA states that the phenomenon known as the South Atlantic Anomaly has grown considerably in recent years, the reason is unclear.

Why is Earth’s magnetic field weakening?

Scientists state that the data gathered by ESA has shown that the area of the anomaly dropped in strength by more than 8 percent between 1970 and 2020. ESA has mused that a possibility for the weakening field is a sign that the Earth’s magnetic field is about to reverse. The reversal will cause the  North Pole and the South Pole to switch places. 

The reversal of poles called ‘geomagnetic reversal’ reportedly took place was 780,000 years ago. Scientists have claimed that such a reversal us long overdue as such reversals take place every 250,000 years. Repercussions of such reversal will be significant for Earth.

What will happen if Earth’s magnetic pole reverses?

The reversal of magnetic poles will affect the Earth’s magnetic field which protects the planet from solar winds and harmful cosmic radiation. The magnetic field also affects Telecommunication and satellite systems and a reversal will disrupt computers and mobile phones. The ESA has warned spacecraft flying in the area experiencing the South Atlantic Anomaly of “technical malfunctions”, while satellites orbiting the Earth are already having issues.

Scientists have stated that despite the weakening field, “Earth’s magnetic field is probably not reversing”, as per a 2018 study. The study has explained that the process is not an instantaneous one and could take thousands of years to take place. Meanwhile, the ESA continues to monitor the weakening magnetic field using the Swarm satellites, still trying to configure the origin of the South Atlantic Anomaly.

Earth is ‘standing still’

Recently, scientists revealed that with the entire world at a standstill due to COVID-19, the planet too seems to ‘standing still’. According to recent studies by seismologists the drastic reduction in human activity has caused the Earth to move substantially less. With the reduction in movement of the  Earth’s crust, seismologists believe that they will be capable of detecting even the smallest tremors – despite the fact that many of the scientific instruments in use today are near city centers. 


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